Dimension X (2007/2008)

Dimension X

Dimension X

CD, DIGITAL | KML Sonic Invaders


"....a journey of the incredible...."


The path-treading encounter of Massimo Pupillo, Chris Corsano and David Chalmin –rock/noise/experimental improvisers - with the universe of the 50s cult science-fiction radio show Dimension X.

Based on stories from the show, each track unfolds the strange world of thinking machines, robots, chaos, Martians, madness ... and humankind’s quest for emotion, truth and hope.

Building on many hours of raw, instinctive and live improvised material, David Chalmin returned to the studio to create an album of strong personality.


France                 October 2007 
UK                     11th february 2008
USA/rest of Europe     tbc


David Chalmin          guitars & additional electronics
Chris Corsano          humanoid/analog drum & bass and electronics
Massimo Pupillo        bass 



1. almost human (13:14)
2. the empire never ended (6:18)
3. hello tomorrow (5:34)
4. the martian chronicles (4:45)
5. dr. Grimshaw's sanitorium (8:08)
6. beyond infinity (5:27)


Album recorded, mixed and mastered by Fabio Recchia aka Reeks at Hombrelobo (Rome, Italy)