Press: Maurice Ravel                                


Midwest Record

The Labeques are still showing that they can push the boundaries. Working in classical music, you eventually have to revisit ground you've already covered, and here they take a new turn on the works of Ravel, including 'Bolero'. You can hear how their chops have deepened with maturity. You can also hear how they've taken control of their recordings but expanding beyond the four handed approach that was the source of most of their recordings. Adding percussion to 'Bolero', they make it more than just a set piece and fill it with drama in a cinematic way. Abandoning the sharp cornered precision that nearly dates their early recordings, they let their playing flow freely and even take solo turns at the keys. The girls still have it and now that they record for their own label, they are making the most of that freedom for themselves and their fans. All told, a delightfully brilliant recording.