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EL CHAN (Deutsche Grammophon) Album and Concerts Reviews

EL CHAN (Deutsche Grammophon)
Album Reviews 

Under the Radar
"a glowing artistic achievement.”

“It's safe to say that Dessner has made an international impact......[El Chan] is a strong piece of post-Impressionist atmospherics, beautifully written for the two pianos.”

“The opening Concerto for two pianos again features fine piano writing...[...] the performance with the Orchestre de Paris under Mattias Pintscher is energetic and sharp. Recommended.”

"Indie rock’s preeminent classical composer offers a selection of piano pieces from minimal, to rousing, to a heroic concerto for two pianos backed by a full orchestra.”

“an ambitious series of sweeping, deeply moving classical works.”

“Dessner’s new album will undoubtedly seduce lovers of music of a broad musical horizon.”
“The Labèque sisters bring a crystalline and hypnotic palette to El Chan”

"a vibrant and beautiful collection, at times devastating and at others soaring.”

“Here, with the help of pianists Katia and Marielle Labèque, and Orchestre de Paris, he has outdone himself by turning in a grand statement with a sense of ease.”

“The Labèque sisters are excellent throughout”
“Dessner’s colourful post-minimal style....”
“Dessner works beautifully the pulsations, the timbres [....] His music is wildly supple, richly orchestrated, ornamented even, in the baroque sense of the term. It is overflowing with life and the Labèque sisters joyfully give everything in the virtuosity of the syncopation, the intoxication of the ride...”

"A refreshing and unclassifiable album.”

EL CHAN in concert (Concerto for Two Pianos)

World première with London Philharmonic Orchestra (April 2018)
Financial Times 4****

“More like Glass than Glass himself”

“There are moments when you marvel at his ability to bleed pigments into each other, like a watercolourist.”

German premiere with Dresdner Philarmonie (June 2018)
Sächsische Zeitung

“The piano parts, excellently played by the sisters, contain sparkling finesse” 
“It offered sounds reminiscent of Shostakovich.”
“His capacity to propel energy is just as effective on the classical podium.”

Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten
“Unlike "pure" minimalists, who rely much more on minimal particles of motifs, repetitive and mutating sequences, Dessner adds a lot of sound to these structures.”

“Dessner creates suspense because he repeatedly emphasises the mood or lets the pulse of the melody follow (and not vice versa, as is often the case with minimalists). This results in amazing effects, even during the Tutti with the barely audible violins. The work received more than a warm, enthusiastic reception from the audience.”